SVS Capital Partners

is an independent consultancy providing high quality strategy and corporate finance advice. We consult our German and international small and midcap clients - primarily tech companies - in the analysis and implementation of their essential strategic issues based on our broad experience as C-level executives and investors in growth companies, in capital and financial structuring ( equity, mezzanine financing, debt) as well as various M&A transactions.

In spite of being generalists, we focus on the IT and the renewables/cleantech sectors.

Our deep knowledge of the markets in which we operate and our considerable senior experience, enable us to develop creative solutions and opportunities for our clients and to execute transactions efficiently to achieve the optimal results for our clients.

Clients value our objective and independent approach. We are focused on helping our clients achieve their strategic objectives and we invest in long-term relationships.

He who knows the goal, can decide.

He who decides, finds peace.

He who finds peace, feels safe.

He who feels safe, can reflect.

He who reflects, can improve things."

Konfuzius, 552 B.C. – 479 B. C. 
Chinese philosopher


We advise our clients on the financial aspects of their corporate strategy, which is crucial in enhancing the value of businesses over the longer term. We also advise on all aspects of financial restructuring.

Advisory services for entrepreneurs

Based on our long-standing experience as managers and investors of SMEs, we advise our clients foremost on the following strategic challenges

  • Business planning  / valuation
  • Financial engineering
  • Restructuring  / change management
  • Post-merger-integration
  • Risk management and compliance / 
    corporate governance
  • Succession planning
  • MBO und MBI

“Don’t go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path…and leave a trail”

Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1803 - 1882, 
American philosopher

Transaction advisory

The partners of svs Capital Partners have advised on and managed numerous M&A transactions and bring substantial experience in executing difficult transactions for our clients.

  • Divestitures
  • Sale of non-core assets
  • Acquisitions
  • Joint ventures  / strategic alliances
  • Deal sourcing for Private Equity investors

„If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get to other person's point of view and see things from that person's angle as well as from your own.“

Henry Ford, 1863 – 1947,
American industrialist

Corporate finance advisory

We advise our clients on all aspects of corporate finance, providing an independent view on the best alternatives in the prevailing market conditions. Given our experience in our chosen markets and our connections with capital providers (i.e. Private Equity funds , Family Offices and Venture Capital funds), we are in an excellent position to advise our clients on their optimal financing strategies.

  • Equity raising (private placement / IPO)
  • Structured finance
  • Balance sheet optimization
  • Rating

„If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.“

Abraham Maslow, 1908-1970,
American psychologist

Interim management

Within the context of the advisory services offered, the partners of svs Capital Partners regularly step in as interim managers to facilitate and manage the project at stake.

„To know how to do something is not difficult. To do it, is difficult.“

Lao-tse, 6 Jhr. v. Chr.,
Chinese philosopher

ICO/Crowdinvesting advisory services

Based on our many years of venture capital and capital market experience, we advise our clients on all essential issues in the context of ICOs and crowdinvesting and offer an "end-to-end service" for this purpose. We manage the entire process of an ICO or Crowdinvesting for our clients, in particular, we take care of

  • Strategy advice on how to implement an ICO and / or platform strategy using game theoretic analysis and distributed blockchain technology
  • In depth competitive analysis and business sector intelligence
  • Development and quality check of business cases and investment cases
  • Development of business plans, integrated financial plans and white papers
  • Structuring of the transaction, i.e. token design, UX design, smart contract programming, ensuring regulatory compliance in the relevant markets, company rating, valuation, legal review by experienced partner law firms etc.
  • Design of marketing strategies, i.e. identification and approach of ICO /Crowdinvesting participants, social media strategy and implementation ("community building"), offline PR strategy and activities, video scripting and production, investor relations, possibly roadshow etc.
  • Social media marketing using the svsCP proprietary platform
  • Interface management to ICO and crowdfunding platforms and possibly other investors (i.e. Venture Capital)
  • Preparation, coordination and execution of due diligence
  • Entire process management up to the time the money is in your account
  • Post-ICO / Crowdfunding Investor Relations strategy and management
  • Provision of liquidity and trading post-ICO

For some topics, we regularly use the appropriate experts in our network. Among our clients are amongst others Volocopter (EUR 1.2 million crowdfunding) and Freygeist (EUR 1.5 million crowdfunding). Please consider the respective case studies in the section “references”.

Talent wins games,

but teamwork and intelligence

win championships."

Michael Jordan
American basketball player


Sven-Roger von Schilling

Sven is Managing Partner of svs Capital Partners GmbH. He advises German and international entrepreneurs, sponsors, financial investors and businesses of various sectors, in particular of the IT- and the cleantech-sectors, on essential strategic issues. Sven is regularly retained to consult on the divestiture of companies, anorganic growth strategies, restructuring and change management projects as well as financing topics.

Prior to founding svs Capital Partners, Sven was for more than 10 years CFO of a number of listed small and mid cap tech companies (syzygy AG, Gauss Interprise AG, FJH AG, Petrotec AG) and of privately held Leybold Optics GmbH. He founded and was CEO of the second listed SPAC on the Frankfurt stock exchange, European CleanTech I S.E.. Sven successfully managed 3 IPOs as CFO/CEO of small and midcap companies with total proceeds of more than 250m EUR as well as more than a dozen M&A transactions (some of them included post merger integration) with a transaction value of 500m EUR. Sven studied business at DHBW Mannheim (Dipl.-Betriebswirt) and holds a MBA of Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern Unviersity).

Ruben Bach

Ruben Bach is Partner of svs Capital Partners GmbH. He advises German and international small and midcap companies, project sponsors as well as financial investors in the area of information technology, cleantech and ecological food / agriculture. His foremost field of expertise is the execution of buy-side due diligence and the ensuing deal structuring (alternativ: transaction advisory] as well as the management for strategic value enhancement of acquired companies. In addition to his extensive buy side activities he successfully sold several companies (e.g. Natumi AG to Hain, taskarena software engineering GmbH to IMS Health, Davert GmbH to private investors). Seasoned professional in matters of crisis management, pre-insolvency turn-arounds and recapitalizations.

In addition Ruben advises public institutions regarding the framework conditions of successful start-up ecosystems, lastly the General Director ot the European Institute of Technology and Innovation, a 300 mill. EUR project of the European Commission. Especially in the area of early stage and growth financing svs’ customers benefit from his ample NXD experience. MA (Constance, Oxford, Bologna) and Bankkaufmann.

The customer is a company’s

real president."

Helmut Maucher
Honorary Chairman Nestlé

Partner / references

In certain situations, svs Capital Partners works together with befriended companies and experts.We are happy to disclose these partners as well as respective client references in the course of a face-to-face meeting.

Freygeist Crowdfunding
Volocopter Crowdfunding


Recent statements by various regulators around the world demonstrate an increased scrutiny of initial coin offerings ("ICOs"). In order to create a well-functioning global market for ICO fundraisings, a professionalization of the ICO process is urgently needed. In this article, we analyse the German and European regulatory landscape possibly applicable to ICOs and endeavour to formulate good practice principles for ICO issuers from a regulatory and corporate governance perspective.

07.12.2017 press release ICO – Good Practice Principles (German)

07.12.2017 paper co-written with Ashurst LLP ICO – Good Practice Principles

22.03.2018 presentation at Cryptocurrency Worldexpo in Berlin ICOs – a viable alternative to Venture Capital?

11.04.2018 keynote at ICO Festival in Munich Qualifying ICOs – The Ugly, the Bad, the Good

11.04.2018 Masterclass at ICO Festival in Munich ICO Investing for family offices, asset managers and private investors

29.05.2018 co-host with Pöllath + Partner of the conference ICOs for SMEs

18.06.2018 Sven-Roger v. Schilling and Ruben Bach speaker at the ICO Festival in Frankfurt

25./26.06.2018 Ruben Bach speaker at the World Blockchain Summit in Frankfurt

18.07.2018 Sven-Roger v. Schilling speaker at the Cryptocurrency Worldexpo in Warsaw

19.07.2018 Sven-Roger v. Schilling panelist at Weitnauer’s (law firm) Finance Day in Munich

A friendship founded on business

is better than a business founded

on friendship.“

John D. Rockefeller 1839 – 1937,
American industrialist


We are always ready to discuss your requirements on a confidential basis. You can reach us anytime via phone, fax or email.


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